BBC Newsnight

As Newsnight's science editor, I was at the forefront of science and technology journalism in the UK for nearly two decades  from 1995 to 2013. This was a platform from which I helped to shape the course of some of the most important national debates - in science, technology, engineering, medicine and health, with their many ramifications - political, social and economic. This meant working in teams, with talented producers, camera crews and content editors, to create compelling and engaging television, radio and online stories on a wide range of subjects. This included discoveries such as the Higgs Boson, advances in medicine such as stem cell science, issues of social justice including the Haemophiliacs' contaminated blood scandal, and the latest breach in cyber security. 

Below are 
some of those Newsnight films:

Science Frontiers


Our Impact on the World

Science meets Politics


The Digital World

The Haemophiliacs' Long Fight for an Inquiry 

The Sporting Edge - Olympics 2012

Health Policy